TRICKSTUFF pakne 730 POWER organic - Hope Tech V4 | Trickstuff Maxima

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TRICKSTUFF brake pads 730 POWER organic for Hope Tech V4 | Trickstuff Maxima

The Trickstuff brake pads are made from organic materials and bound with synthetic resin. Organic linings have the great advantage of being a thermal insulator, which protects the seals in the brake calliper from overheating. In order to improve the braking properties and reduce abrasion, the lining contains small amounts of metal particles. Even so, the toppings are mostly organic, you could also say they are semi-metallic. This mixture results in optimal dry and wet braking values and also keeps disc wear to a minimum.
Thanks to the 2 mm support plate made of steel, there is minimal heat transfer into the brake calliper, while the proportion of friction material increases to get back to the standard overall thickness of approx. 3.9 - 4.0 mm. That means longer service life, excellent fading stability, even higher dry and wet friction values with extremely low wear.

The Power pad compounds have the highest braking power and temperature resistance among the organic Trickstuff brake pads. Compared to the Trickstuff standard rubbers they wear out a little faster.


- very high braking force
- very little wear
- very easy to dose

Test winner: Mountainbike 9/2017

Technical specifications:

Material carrier plate: steel
Material covering: organic (resin)
Brake compatibility: Hope Tech V4, Trickstuff Maxima
Color of carrier plate: red

Weight according to the manufacturer: 25.9g

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