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Boomslang Platform pedale dizajnirane su kako bi DH vozačima pružile prianjajuće držanje dok voze sa stilom, istovremeno zadržavajući nizak profil debljine 10mm. One također imaju ugrađene pinove, dok je zamjena pinova sigurno biti jednostavna i brza.
159,13 € (1.199,00 kn)
The Boomslang Platform pedals are designed to give downhill riders the clip-in style grip they need, while keeping a low, 10mm-thick profile. They also feature a built-in pin carrier, so pin replacement is sure to be simple and quick.
  • Super slick, patent pending, spindle design.
  • Super Lo-Profile design; true, 10mm thickness at center.
  • Custom undercut pins provide “clip in” style grip and easy removal.
  • Pedal body carriers four hidden pins for easy replacement of broken pins.
  • Tapered outside pedal edge for maximum grip and ground clearance.
  • Large foot platform for modern day DH, 110x108mm.
  • Brza dostava od vrata do vrata
  • Besplatna dostava iznad 40,00 €