RRD SUP Cotan PRO 6'11''

COMPACT WAVE PRO As the development of this special shape on surfboard and kiteboard designs has taken off, proving it works great , up to the point that some riders only ride this type of C.O.T.A.N. (Cut of tail and nose) shapes, it was time to develop a specific board line also for SUP. 3 x new shapes that will increase your stoke for supping in waves! Available both in Classic construction with matt deck and rails and in full LTD technology with Vectra Carbon fabric on CNC Eps core, finished with matt pro speed paint and Carbon net layup top and bottom. Bamboo sandwich stepping area and superlight composite carry handle box.
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928,93 €

RRD COTAN Pro & Classic from RRD International on Vimeo.

6’11” PRO MODEL 6’11X 27″ X 4″ RRD J7/J5 QUAD SET FUTURE 98 6,3 4150005
7’6″ PRO MODEL 7’6″ X 28″ X 4″ RRD J7/J5 QUAD SET FUTURE 110 7,0 4150006
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