Gopro 3way mount AFAEM-001 stalak držač za kameru

Šifra: AFAEM-001
Svestrani nosač GoPro 3-Way Grip / Arm / Tripod (AFAEM-001) za GoPro kamere Kompatibilnost: sve GoPro kamere. jamstvo 24 mjeseca
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Enjoy versatile image capture with help from this GoPro AFAEM-001 3-way mount that functions as a camera grip, a folding extension arm and a tripod and is designed for use with most GoPro cameras for custom shooting.
Product Features

Compatible with most GoPro cameras
For use with your existing model.
3-way mount
Functions as a camera grip, a folding extension arm and a tripod for versatility.
Lightweight camera grip
Helps you maintain a secure grasp while shooting.
Folding extension arm
With 3-way adjustability allows you to capture point-of-view footage, follow-cam footage or shots of yourself.
Stored inside the handle enables you to keep your camera steady to ensure clear shots.
Waterproof construction
Resists moisture damage for use in and out of water.
Expandable design
Measures 20" when extended and collapses down to 7.5" for compact storage.

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