YBN SLA-H10-TIG Lanac 116L

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This YBN chain has been manufactured using the DHA Chromium Carbide Surface Hardened Treatment to increase the hardness of the chain pins and rollers. This aids in extending the chain life, particularly in adverse environments with the presence of abrasive contaminants. Furthermore, DHA pin and rollers also aid in rust prevention. Chains built using DHA Chromium Carbide Surface hardened pin and rollers can last twice as long as untreated chains.
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SPEC: Circle Riveting: Extremely high pin power DHA: Chromium Carbide Surface Hardened Treatment used to prolong pin and roller life by 100% and prevent rust Bushingless: New technology aids in smooth shift transmission without binding Inner Chamfer: To prevent dropping the chain whilst backpedalling Outer Chamfer: On the end of the outer chain plate reduces 80% of up shifting friction Colour: Gold Specifications: 1/2" x 11/128" Width: 5.9mm Quick Link Included (Silver colour) Applications: Shimano , Sram or Campy. 10 Speed compatible 116 Links Weight: 281g = 0.62lbs Chain Life 6000km - 8000 km

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