XLC First Aid Kit

11,95 €

In accordance with DIN 13167

• Material bag: nylon

• 1x roll of adhesive plaster DIN 13019-A, 5m x 2.5cm

• 1x 14-piece plaster set, consisting of:

4 emergency bandage DIN 13019-E  10cm x 6cm

2 fingertip dressing

2 finger dressing 12cm x 2cm

2 plaster strips 1.9cm x 7.2cm

4 plaster strips 2.5cm x 7.2cm

• 1x bandage pack DIN 13151-M, sterile

• 1x bandage pack DIN 13151-G, sterile

• 1x bandage wipe 13152-A,  60cm x 80cm, sterile

• 1x emergency blanket 210 x 160cm silver/gold

• 1x scissors DIN 58279-A 145

• 1x bag with 4 pieces vinyl gloves in accordance with DIN EN 455

• 2x wet cleaning wipes for unharmed skin

• 1x first aid manual in case of accident

• 1x index

• 150x50x100mm

• Bag with hook and loop fastener for handlebar, carrier or backpack mounting

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