Traka volana KLS GRAVEL

Thicker material which absorbs the vibrations much better, combined with brushed surface which is extra sticky to keep your hands in place in dusty conditions, is a combination of properties which makes the handlebar tapes KLS GRAVEL TAPE perfect companion for your gravel adventures. Extra thick material 3,5mm absorbs vibrations much better than standard handlebar tapes Brushed surface improves your grip in dusty, muddy and/or wet conditions Durable EVA tape with VexGel™ adhesive improves vibration absorption even further Easy to re-wrap in case first wrapping has been performed incorrectly End-plugs, short stripes and flexible finishing tapes included OPTIONS Color: Black INCLUDED 1 pair KLS GRAVEL tape 2000 x 30 x 3,5mm 1 pair Short stripes for lever shifters 90 x 30mm 1 pair Flexible finishing tape 1 pair End-plug (black)
19,78 € (149,00 kn)

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