Cipela Triatlon SPIUK TRIENNA

Trienna shoes make transitions easy. Their large opening and wide Velcro® strap help to put them on and adjust them quickly and easily. You’ll be an oasis of calm in the chaos of boxes. Their nylon and fibreglass soles will provide firm support when it comes time to pedal like mad. And thanks to their excellent ventilation your bare wet feet will also dry faster. Pedal in comfort and avoid blisters during the running segment. Push yourself. Push your equipment.
115,34 €

  • Triathlon and duathlon shoes developed in conjunction with Mario Mola
  • Designed for top-level competition: sprint, Olympic, medium and long-distance
  • Fibreglass and nylon soles with ventilation channels and a stiffness index of 7
  • Large Velcro ® strap facilitates the transition between legs and provides a balanced and wrap-around fit
  • Dual preclip attachment at the heel and inside edge

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