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Balance bike ALPINA Tornado is the perfect training bike for children from 3 to 5 years old. Teaching

young kids to ride a bike with training wheels is a thing of the past. Balance bike helps children

to learn cycling as they learn to balance first, and to pedal later. Bike is designed for the smallest

riders-super lightweight for easy handling, but tough and durable as the frame is made of high

quality steel. Non-air PU tires are durable, lightweight and suitable for any kind of terrain.

Lightweight steel frame

Steel bearings in hubs, plastic hubs and rims

Plastic rims tested up to 100kg static load and up to 50kg impact testing

12" wheels, solid, durable non-inflatable

Height adjustable seat from 540 mm to 600 mm

Height adjustable handlebars from 390mm to 450mm

Seatpost diameter 22 mm

Length of seatpost 130 mm

Seat can be removed

Headset - plastic-steel case

Handlebar length 390 mm, diameter 22.2 mm

Weight 2.7 kg

Certified according to EN-71

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